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XFlap stone guards

XFlap™ conformable splash, stone guards for all cars.

Protect your delicate paint from stone chips!

Designed to help protect the vulnerable painted wheel opening edge just behind your spinning tire.

XFlaps revolutionary patent pending design allows them to fit each cars unique curves.

Great for temporary or long-term use.

• Stick on, Easy to install

• Attaches easily to all car and truck painted surfaces

• Bends to fit each cars unique curves

• High-Strength adhesive

• Clean Removal

Adding protection to your car has never been easier.

XFlaps offer superior coverage and protection compared to clear tape, and are much easier to install than clear tape.

1.25" wide petals x 8.7" length provide excellent coverage for most vehicles.

Tough layered 17 Mil Polycarbonate provide superior protection.

XFlaps can easily be cut or joined together for custom lengths.

XFlaps can be installed flat on most wheel opening flanges, or they can be bent to fit wheel openings without flanges, using the integrated bend line.

Simply peel the adhesive backing off of the stone guard and install it on the fender. Our exclusive Patent Pending design allows the product to follow the contours of the vehicle and provide a sleek, high tech appearance. The automotive grade adhesive backing stays put until you decide to remove it.

XFlap stone guards are a proven way to protect the vulnerable, high-speed projectile impact zone of your car. Anyone can install these in just a few minutes and feel proud to be extending the useful life and look of their vehicle.

Fits: All Car and Truck painted surfaces

Stylish, low-cost, paint protection for your car.

1 set of four (4) stone guards

2 Left side, 2 Right side

8.7 x 1.25 In. (221 x 32 mm)

17 mil Polycarbonate petals

Color: Black  Part# XFA87B

Suitable for temperatures from -20º to 160º F (-29º to 71º C)

Install at temperatures above 50º F (10º C)

Patent Pending  Proudly Made in USA

- In Stock - Flat $4 shipping to anywhere in the USA.

Conformable, stick-on splash guards/mud flaps, revolutionary patent pending design fits most cars and trucks, made in USA.

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Jaeger Brothers XFlaps™ mud flaps
Jaeger Brothers XFlaps™ mud flaps
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XFlap Stone Guards installed on front and rear of carXFlaps™ mud flaps packaging labelXFlap splash guard installedInstalled Xflap stone guardJaeger Brothers XFlaps™ mud flapsXFlap™ Stone Guards are conformable to any automotive fender profile.An Unprotected Fender EdgeAn Unprotected Fender EdgeAn Unprotected Fender EdgePaint damage to an unprotected fender edge.Severe paint damage.Xflap covered in mudSometimes you can't avoid a dirt road, glad I had Xflaps.Lincoln MKZ w/XFlaps stone guards MKZ close up w/XFlaps stone guardsLincoln MKZ protected by Jaeger Brothers XFlap stone guard.MKZ w/XFlaps stone guards. Ready for take off.XFlap stone guards, on a limestone gravel driveway.XFlap protecting the leading edge of the painted bumper of a truck.XFlap protecting the leading edge of a  truck bed.XFlap protecting the leading edge areas of a pickup truck.XFlaps, excellent winter protectionWinter testing XFlaps, they work great!

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