About Our Products

Thank you for visiting Jaeger Brothers Automotive Accessories, founded in 2005 as a specialty manufacturer of our exclusive patented JFlaps™ Instant Splash Guards.


Jaeger Brothers JFlaps™ slip-on Splash Guards

Originally designed for Concours Driven and Show cars, Jaeger Brothers exclusive Patented slip-on Splash Guards (or Mud Flaps), were created to protect your car from stone chips and paint damage and install or remove in seconds.

All of our JFlaps splash guards mount to your car instantly using a high quality US Made friction-fit push-on molding which has malleable metal core and is completely covered with soft EPDM rubber.

The molding grips the edge of the fender and allows the splash guards to be installed or removed instantly, with no danger of falling off or damaging the paint finish.

The front splash guards for late model mustangs also use the factory push fasteners which are removed and then reinstalled once the flap is in place and have EPDM rubber strips that suspend the flap above the paint surface to protect it.

JFlaps PDF Installation Instructions.

Patent No. 7,578,526

JFlaps™, The only real No-Drill, No-Screw Splash Guard.

Jaeger Brothers XFlap™ conformable Splash Guards

Jaeger Brothers exclusive Patented XFlap™ conformable splash guards (or mud flaps, stone guards) are the future of splash guards for all car and trucks.

Our newest patented splash guard conforms in three dimensions to the shape of almost any fender or vehicle surface and offer flexibility, style and protection never seen before in a splash guard.

Patent No. 10,183,703