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Ford Racing SVT 8.8 Axle cover

All aluminum SVT 8.8 axle cover.

This is the original equipment for the Boss 302 and Laguna Seca edition Mustangs.

Adds rigidity to the rear axle and reduces gear oil temperatures.

Includes 10 new Ford bolts for installation and plug for relocation of the axle vent.

Clears late model Mustang pan hard bar.

Easy installation and looks great from the rear.

See assembly pictures for installation.
Part# JM-4033-K


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Ford Racing SVT 8.8 Axle cover, Installation harware and vent assembly.
Ford Racing SVT 8.8 Axle cover, Installation harware and vent assembly.
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Ford Racing SVT 8.8 Axle cover, Installation harware and vent assembly.Ford Racing SVT 8.8 Axle cover, outside.Ford Racing SVT 8.8 Axle cover, inside.SVT 8.8 Axle cover kit from Ford Racing Performance Products.The old leaking cover, installed by the inept techs at the local dealer.Here is the limited slip differental and gear assembly with the cover off.Ford 8.8 limited slip differential and rear axle gear assembly.Remove the right side of the pan hard bar to make clearance for installation.This is the axle housing vent. Remove it and replace with the supplied plug. The vent will be moved to your new  SVT cover.This is the vent hole plug supplied by Ford in the SVT kit.Here is the axle with the vent assembly plug installed in the axle housing. Notice the greasy axle where the vent used to be.Here is the axle vent reinstalled into the Ford racing SVT axle cover. This will prevent leakage from high g-force cornering.Apply a nice bead of Ford High Performance Engine RTV.Ford Racing SVT 8.8 axle cover installed. Torque to 20-25 ft/lbs, fill with synthetic 75w-140 and Ford friction additive.Reinstall panhard bar. Torque to 129 ft/lb. As you can see there is plenty of clearance from the new cover.

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